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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Got the 48Ida carbs of the bus engine and fittet som new 44 Idf Carbs
hope to get the Bus to drive longer on the gazoline and more crusing frendly :o)

The will be and big op date from Bremen Classic motor show going down to it on friday

And i have sold the speed master wheels on the bus so come see my new wheels on this blog later this week

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Here you see my new tool wagon before anf after the sticker attack'

The Car is almost ready for i first test run after the make over

The Parts getting some paint

colour chance paintet the car dark red

The car ready fore paint

Here you see my new daily driver
4 new fenders new front and rear skirt made the rust in 4 hours
and the next day i got the car ready fore paint

Lots of NOS parts fore my new cab
keep stoping by the blog fore op date on my cab project

The Front

The rear end of the car

Here you see my new cab project hope to drive in the car this sommer :o)

my bug and the fridolin in angora land

Here is and photo of my 1964 swedish bug it up fore sale right now
the pic´s is fom the trip down to team angora x-mas meet i december 2007

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy new year to all

sorry for the lack of blog up date

i have been in the garage and i have been hard aat work on my new ride pic´s will come soon

from x-mas to new year i have got 3 car more (1 junk car 1 new daily driver and one big cab projekt i will post pic´s of them all soon ;o)