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Sunday, December 31, 2006

new speedwell in the sommer cruiser

and som window heat thinks

Slicks in the rear

and Front runner in the front

And erco´s for the nasty gray (back in black)

Looks super nice

new (olde) sprint star

new paint ;)

fore Me Sommer Cruiser

Thursday, December 21, 2006

on more

Here The Car is dropt of at Schumacher Cargo in LA ready fore Shipping to denmark

i hope to get the car i 6 to 8 weeks

now i am the happy owner of this fine Speedster
it is and replica but it is Cool
the car i from california ( LA )

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cant waith until sommer now just want to go cruise now

Red inside and Red outside ;)

is so cool

just needs and narrowd beem

here is and Pic´s of my new Sommer cruiser

just love the Patina

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

the Cake ´s at angoraland 3 dec X-mas Meet


The Type 3 is Sørens

And it is and low/Air rider

the car runs 17" Randar Rims

See More on the Angora web side

Christians Cab

runs COSMICS Rims the are SUPER cool

see MORE at

there are more pic´s and some movie´s

from the 3 dec X-max Meet

3 dec X-mas Meet in angoraland

this is and Pic of christians cab

the white paint is burnt of whit and blowtorts

it looks super cool and is going to have AIR Ride

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Black notch is super Fine

Just look at the Pic´s ;)

nice black Notch and new BRM wheels

and here the car is coming together again

and it have been slammet in the rear

next up the front ;)

Here is the Body in New Paint

super NICE work Rasnus

Thursday, November 02, 2006

now he just need the rest of the notch

it is going to be and super fine car

more pic´s to come

when he is ready for it

after 2 hours in the paint box


and the BRM is 4½ in the front and 5½ in the rear

My Brother

laying paint on his 1964 notch

Sticker from Dyno Day 2006

MIB line up at skagen 2006

it is me that are holding the dog

and the Red Type 2 panel is mine

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Nasty Gray info
type 1 1964
2332ccm 188hp 240nm 5000rpm
KCR GearBox
Wheels Orginal Gas Burners
Racing Erco and slicks
The car is death now
the car flipt 8 times fore me
at the end of and 201meter race one of the wheels lost air
and the car went side ways and flipt
and landet on the wheels
i was und hurt but the car is totalt
the wheels and motor and tranny is ok the rest CRAP

RIP The Nasty Gray RIP

The Power Plant 2332ccm 188hp and 240nm at 5000rpm but it is going to get and opgrade this winter ;)

new cam , 51½ ida and som head work = more HP and NM this sommer ;)

And Other smoking foto of The Nasty Gray RIP

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

lige et fotos af min type 2

den skal have en 2110ccm motor bag i og monteret træk igen så den kan trækkerundt med racer bilen har til sommer ;)

SCC 2005 norge


i miss my olde car

the orginal Nasty Gray in action RIP

MIB club logo

Friday, October 20, 2006

Her kan du se at brandvægen er fjernet samt bunden af svine stigen ;)

så kan man nemmer komme til og skruge på motor og gearkassen

der kommer alu plade for hullernen som kan kan skruges af hurtig

man kan også se torq bar sættet som er monteret og de røde koni dæmper

Her er vognens Røde Grant Flake rat COOL

Her er foto af min Fuel Cell som kun indeholder 15 liter brandstof
så det bliver ikke til de lange ture i denne bil ;)

lige en close up på de ny hjul

Her er et foto af min Racer
prøve montering af ny fælge